Now available at Upwey Health & Wellbeing.


Welcome to the Mindful Gap.

Carole and Geoff

We’re a wife and husband team offering mindfulness and positive psychology coaching to help you restore balance, maximise wellbeing and live your optimal life.

Think of our coaching services as a Fitbit for your mind. We’re here to coach, support and compliment your journey of personal development and growth to improve your psychological wellbeing whatever your reality. In particular, we aim to help people bridge the gap from illness to wellness, and transform the gap from surviving to thriving. Let me explain what that means.

We currently offer two coaching programs:

The Mindfulness for Health program helps people living with chronic pain, illness and stress to self-manage their reality with tools and techniques that have helped people worldwide and help bridge the gap from illness to wellness.

Consider the Wellbeing Coaching program to be like a Fitbit for your mind transforming you from surviving to thriving as you make time for your psychological wellbeing. Live life according to your strengths and start asking what is right in your life and how you can make more of that.

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