Welcome to the Mindful Gap

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An Eastern insight,  that losing an obsessive desire will prove more satisfying than fulfilling it, has now overtaken even the largest corporations as a mantra for success.

Mindfulness is an awareness of things, a non-judgemental observation of the present moment. Medicine has adopted this simple principle to address stress as a cause of disease, after recognizing that allostatic load impacts the body by unceasingly preparing it for battle. But survival in business requires clear-headed equanimity, dropping attachment to long-held standpoints  in favour of impartial wisdom. Allostasis here means stability through change, and being firmly anchored despite the turmoil surrounding is better for staff and a better strategy.

Mindfulness for Chronic Illness

“Sometimes we don’t discover the very real limits of medicine until it is our own body that is in pain or diseased, or that of someone we love. Then we can become severely disillusioned, frustrated, and even angry at the discrepancy between our expectations of what medicine can do and the reality”: Jon Kabat-Zinn, ‘Full Catastrophe Living’.