Long term gain

[… continuation of Geoff’s article on supplements]

That’s usually the promise made to sweeten the bitter pill of short term pain. Toughen up! …. push harder in exercise, scrimp and save for the security of a house purchase, & always the offer of a reward in heaven for a life of sacrifice. But it’s at odds with capitalist society’s offer of immediate gratification (if not sooner): borrow 100% (or more), pre-order the new model before anyone else, live the life you dreamed of after watching ‘The Entourage’, or even discover Buddhism in our short online course…… join the herd of satisfied customers using our secret formulation.

Extorting the easy $ (No pain, no gain?)
Extorting the easy $ (No pain, no gain?)

The sugary pill is an easier sell. Little wonder that under Tony Thirlwell our Heart Foundation sold out to his sugar industry at the expense of your health. An approving Tick √ for foods with up to 71% sugar, and consumer’s appreciation of their instant hit of high GI made donating to the charity an act of gratitude. Their CEO’s submission to a government inquiry “… there is a lack of evidence linking sugar to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, hyperactivity or inadequate nutrient intake” rapidly became a joke after he stepped down.

There are no shortcuts in a system as complex as your own body. Anabolic steroids lead to impotence, testosterone supplements will decrease the body’s own supply – with longterm implications. Many protein/peptide boosters have high risk. Just recently 4Corners showed a PBS/NYTimes investigation into supplements, which explained how taking Vitamins actually increased mortality rates (FnMyalgia.com/2016/05 has more on this). Powerful antioxidants are important to a plant, for which oxygen is toxic effluent. Breathing is a delicate balance for us however, harnessing the power of highly reactive free radicals of oxygen, for both delivery of energy and also destruction of unwanted cells. Subtle adjustments are vital.

The science is best explained in Catalyst, another ABC documentary. The idea of the 6-minute workout would seem to be just another fastrack furphy, but it just describes the intense burst to conclude an exercise session that has warmed up muscles suitably. The desperate panting for air means more oxygen to toughen up the cellular engine rooms, mitochondria. Rather than stressing our immune system, it builds it, according to the newest theories of hormesis. Rebound after a hurtful session creates future resilience. The adaptive response described in ‘Extending life span by increasing oxidative stress’ is however, suppressed by dosing with those products that the antioxidant industry sell. The authors’ expertise in nutrition then leads down the paleo path, to a ketogenic diet. Glycolysis of carbs is not only an incredibly inefficient means of creating usable energy, it also outputs lactic acid as a burden to the liver.

Carbs are deadly
Carbs are deadly

Bring back the fat. Maker of ‘That Sugar Film’ joined with cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra on a recent speaking tour of this title. Another recent review points to the source of many of our troubles. “Astoundingly, the [Ketogenic Diet] appears to have broader efficacy than any currently available anti-epileptic drug, suggesting a more general mechanism of action that protects the brain” in ‘Epilepsy Research, July 2012’ attempts to explain the empirical evidence. Their theorising is on the basis of clinical results, whereas Harman’s 1956 free radical theory of aging is a speculation that’s yet to be substantiated.

And if it appears that a cherrypick of maverick ideas from around the globe is selected, start your thinking with papers by the University of Sydney’s Prof Luis Vitetta (onetime bioscientist at Epworth hospital). Or if the very idea of saturated dairy fats is repulsive, here’s a little sweetener 😉

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