Complementary therapies
Complementary therapies

Biofeedback is a pioneering approach to self-help. It takes motivation a step beyond the motivation provided by the likes of a FitBit heartrate monitor, by reporting on the neural control rather than just on the cardiac result. Realtime displays of a physiological effect enables us to tackle root causes in our thinking: to change your world, start at the top.

tMG offers introductory courses in Mindfulness for Performance under stress, and 8-week courses in Mindfulness for Health following Breathworks ™ programmes.

Executive coaching is offered in accordance with International Coaching Federation credentials.

Contact Carole or ph 0466152325

And the piece of inspiration from Viktor Frankl? He was a Holocaust camp survivor, whose tribute to hope: ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’ was first published in 1946. He went on to become Professor of ?Neurology and Psychiatry at the Vienna Medical School.

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