Geoff Kirwood, GradDip Clinical Research

A dozen years as a skifield paramedic fostered a passion for healthcare, which culminated in studies investigating the chronic health problems that medicine deemed too difficult. Resultant reports are available from this link , and my career is also shared here.

My blog has for several years been highlighting integrity deficiencies in medical research, and the finding of promising solutions through MindFulness (MF) has led to critical scientific analysis of the neuroplasticity underpinning MF as a therapy. A Comprehensive EEG Biofeedback course adds weight to these studies.

I acknowledge the Buddha in awakening these understandings, and am grateful for evolution of these teachings to so many writers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Carole Kirwood, Master Applied Positive Psychology, GradCert in ORGANISATIONAL Coaching | ACCREDITED BREATHWORKS™ MINDFULNESS & COMPASSION TEACHER

In 2012 Geoff and I were married in a Buddhist Vihara (temple) in Bali. We are grateful to the Balinese government who demand that a union of souls requires spiritual consideration. This path led us to the Tibetan Rime Institute, thence yoga, and meditation under the wise direction of Khentrul Rinpoche.

This foundation served us well in 2013 when life dealt a surprise hand, and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis. This changed the course of our lives as I went from an over-achieving target-focused executive to debilitated and bed-ridden, and Geoff set his mind to understand why. Our epiphany was a healthy appreciation of the mind body connection which now fuels our craving for increased understanding.  As a full-time student my passion drives me to pursue mastery in Positive Psychology, Coaching, Mindfulness and Health Promotion.

My career spans 34 years in the healthcare sector, I am a strong administrator and accomplished business professional in various domains. In the present day I strive to enable clients and organisations to achieve their wellness, personal and professional goals. By combining strong and ethical coaching with the application of mindfulness tools, we create a platform that assists others to flourish in their everyday lives.