Meet Our Team

Carole Kirwood

A former sales and marketing executive, Carole thrived on pace and success with an assumption that her body would simply cope. Until the day came when her body knocked her down and demanded a renewed vision of how the mind and body would cohabitate.

Four years, three degrees, and two accreditations later this experience drove Carole’s purpose to excel in her field of coaching, and in particular, lead connective and behavioural change for her clients. Specialising in Mindfulness, Strengths and Positive Psychology methods, Carole facilitates individual and group coaching that maximises psychological wellbeing, retains balance, improves daily functioning and can lead you to flourish.

Geoff Kirwood

Graduate Diploma Clinical Research

A dozen years as a skifield paramedic fostered a passion for healthcare, which culminated in studies investigating the chronic health problems that medicine deemed too difficult. Resultant reports are available from this link , and my career is also shared here.

My blog has for several years been highlighting integrity deficiencies in medical research, and the finding of promising solutions through mindfulness has led to critical scientific analysis of the neuroplasticity underpinning mindfulness as a therapy. A Comprehensive EEG Biofeedback course adds weight to these studies.

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