Mindfulness for Health

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Bridge the gap between illness and wellness with Mindfulness for Health.

A world-renowned ®Breathworks program integrating mindfulness, compassion, a supportive mindful movement practice, and practical components from modern pain and medical condition management. These techniques are backed with huge amounts of medical research, have helped thousands of people worldwide, and is based on this best-selling, medical award-winning book.

The Breathworks program, used by Manchester University researchers

*You can start this journey today and download chapter 1 here for free*

Carole is an accredited Breathworks mindfulness and compassion teacher and a fibromyalgia survivor who promotes the Breathworks techniques from a place of personal experience. Geoff adds a clinical research qualification to bring scientific insight, and blends in his personal experience as Carole’s support and chronic pain advocate. Therefore our course offers unique support for people experiencing chronic pain or illness and their carers. Mindfulness can help people self-manage their reality of living with chronic pain and the suffering associated with ongoing illness and stress.

Mindfulness for Health is an 8-week program that we offer in intimate groups.  Carole also customizes one-on-one coaching sessions according to your individual needs.

The course is open to all on a self-referral basis. It has helped people living with chronic back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, post-operative pain, cancer, nervous disorders, MS, Parkinson’s disease, and other non-specific pain. This list is not exhaustive and we welcome your enquiry whatever your condition. Contact us if you are uncertain whether this Mindfulness for Health course is right for you and/or which format (group or individual coaching) would best meet your needs and be most effective.

The key components of Mindfulness for Health are:

  1. Breath Awareness: We begin by investigating our breathing habits so we can learn to use the natural breath as an aid to managing our pain, illness or stress. We encourage people to develop habits of breathing into their experience, learning how to use the breath to soften resistance to pain or illness and to let go of tension.
  2. Body Awareness: The body scan helps us to develop habits of greater ease and awareness of the body. Adopting a comfortable posture, lying down or sitting, we take our awareness through our whole body, using the breath to help us let go of areas of pain and/or tension. We give course participants a CD to use at home.
  3. Mindful Movement: We guide you through some gentle movements, based on yoga and pilates, specially devised for Breathworks by a very experienced yoga teacher. The movements are suitable for all, being easily adapted as necessary so they are appropriate for people suffering from a wide range of physical conditions. We also discuss the importance of keeping our bodies in as good physical condition as possible, in order to stop a cycle of disuse, loss of function and more pain or fatigue.
  4. Mindfulness for Daily Life: By bringing awareness to the activities of daily life you will learn to overcome the very common tendency of overdoing it on good days or collapsing on bad days, with accompanying emotions of unrealistic hope followed by frustration and despair. You will be guided in some detective work about your daily activities, using diaries and symptom scoring, which will enable you to become more aware of what activities cause aggravation. You will learn how to make choices throughout the day, based on your developing awareness, enabling you to have a more balanced approach to life.
  5. Three Minute Breathing Space: This is a very effective way of coming back to an awareness of yourself in the midst of daily life. We will teach you how to take three minute breaks in the midst of whatever activity you are engaged with when you can simply rest your awareness quietly with the breath. This can be a remarkably effective way of bringing a sense of calm, peace and presence into your experience. Then, feeling refreshed and focused, you can go back to what you were doing.
  6. Meditation Practices: During the course, you will be introduced to seven different mindfulness meditations that build progressively on one another. These are all about 10 minutes long:
    • Body Scan Meditation
    • Breathing Anchor Meditation
    • Mindful Movement Meditation
    • Acceptance and Self-Compassion Meditation
    • The Treasure of Pleasure Meditation
    • Open Heart Meditation
    • Connection Meditation


Intimate Groups (maximum 8 participants) includes workbooks, meditations and coaching over 8 sessions. Full price $390, concessions available on request.

Individual Coaching (1 on 1 with Carole) face-to-face or via Skype includes workbooks, meditations and between 6-10 coaching sessions depending on your needs. Full price is $110 per session, concessions available on request.


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