Sonya: I had four Inspirational Coaching sessions. Carole is warm and welcoming and very easy to work with. She helped me discover so much about myself and gave me many ideas on how to move forward in achieving my goals.

Terri: I saw an ad for a Vision Board Workshop here a couple of months ago and thought “I’ve always wanted to create one, here’s a great opportunity”. So I attended a workshop run by Carole. It was a fabulous couple of hours and what I thought was going to go on to my board was completely different to what actually went on it. Looking at my board today I realise I’m well on my way to achieving the things that turned out to be important to me. Carole was supportive, encouraging and really helped me get in touch with what it was I truly wanted to achieve. It was great to be in a room with beautiful people wanting to achieve the same thing – get in touch with themselves better. I highly recommend Carole for anyone looking to make a change in their lives. Thank you Carole for being a positive influence in my life.

Becca: Was lucky enough to find the seminar on FB and attend on Sat. Was a really lovely experience to not only chill out with meditation, meet Carole and focus on our core values, but also the opportunity to practice mindfulness and just being in the moment. Carole, what an awesome opportunity you create for participants to feel comfortable, welcome and happy in. Thanks again

Christine: My admin personnel gained valuable insight into leadership style and behaviours that impact on our daily operations.

Helen: I have just about completed the 8 week mindfulness for health course and it’s been the best thing I’ve done for my health and my life. If your struggling with any health issues and it is consuming your life I can highly recommended this course.

Vidyamala: Carole is warm, friendly and kind. She has attended mindfulness training with me and my organisation, Breathworks. She will have much to offer as a mindfulness teacher.

Adelene: this class is very addictive in a good way… I loved it.

Kim: Awesome service for anybody who wants to lead a better life. Carole Kirwood is an absolute legend. You will reach your full potential quickly and happily. One of the best decisions you can do for yourself and loved ones.

Robyn: I took this course at the end of 2015. I found it was one of the most positive things that I have done to help with my pain relief, to help calm my thoughts and relax my body so it can function without being a ball of tension. It has also helped me calm myself after having Grand Mal seizures and not be afraid if another one comes straight away.
I am also thankful to Carole and her co-instructors for making me see that every second we spend on this earth is not to be wasted, it is to be embraced and enjoyed. Now to touch, smell, enjoy the sounds of nature and music is amplified. My life is the richer for having done this course.
It has also helped me come to terms with death.  Being an epileptic and having worsening seizures of late I am now able to accept that I have had a good life have a loving accepting family and if this is to be my last I am at peace with that.
If you only do one course to help yourself with pain or to come to terms with an illness that is overtaking your life and thoughts, do this Mindfulness for Health course. It will literally change your life.
Thank you Carole

Kristi: I highly recommend The Mindful Gap and Carole Kirwood as a course facilitator.  Carole created a warm and inviting atmosphere for learning mindfulness.  Participants were encouraged to share their experiences with the group.  This was very helpful in translating theory into practice – practical tips to ‘just do it’ and make time for yourself.  There were no unrealistic expectations regarding completing homework each week.  I look forward to attending other sessions presented by The Mindful Gap.


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