Worsened sleep associated with autoimmune disease

Autoimmune Rheumatic Disease and Sleep: A Review is an article made available from the Nov 2015 edition of this journal:

Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine
Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine

It immediately follows the article: ‘The value of mindfulness meditation in the treatment of insomnia‘, a Randomised Clinical Trial at UCLA testing the benefit of Mindfulness therapy under the supervision of Dr Michelle Zeigler.

The authors of the Review declare its intent in the Abstract, “Sleep disorders may trigger immune system abnormalities inducing autoantibody production, possibly leading to the development of autoimmune disease such as systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma or rheumatoid arthritis. Indeed, in experimental models, it has been suggested that sleep deprivation may induce the onset of autoimmune disease.” Speculation on major disease being triggered by unrestful sleep is supported by in vivo proofs, i.e. in mouse models. Medical evidence drags inexorably slowly towards understandings long held by the patient communities. It’s where Vidyamala’s book ‘Mindfulness for Health‘ begins, with ruminating thoughts in the night.

Undoing the damage requires starting again, with a new way of thinking. Going back to basics, and breathing technique is a good starting point. Healthier lung function is one less interruption to sleep, but there’s no quick fix. Here’s somewhere to start training: fnmyalgia.com/2015/08/01/how-to-breathe/ (Geoff’s blog on medicine’s shortcomings).

If another’s help is needed for troubling insomnia, call Carole.

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